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About the author

photoLet me first introduce myself, my name is Margarita Miller. I was born and grew up in Riga, Latvia. My interest to everything international grew quickly in my early years, when I was a child. Since I was 10 years old I got my first pen pals from different countries, this helped me to improve my English. At the age of 14 my grandmother suggested me to read a book “Princess” – it was about life of a Saudi Arabian princess and women in that country. This booked not only shocked me a lot (it showed bad situation of women there, as I thought about it at that time), but also put the seeds of my interest in Arabic and Muslim culture. I was lucky and traveled quite a lot when I was a teenager. This broadened my horizon dramatically. I really enjoyed seeing different cultures, countries, discovering something new.

After I finished high school, I was not sure what to study. But one thing I was sure of – the studies should be “international”, thus I decided to study International Relations at the Riga Stradins University. At the same time I actively participated in various national and international projects organized by different NGOs, such as the National Youth Council of Latvia.

During my last year of the university I went to Trier, Germany as an exchange student (I write more on my experience in Germany in an article “Erasmus experience”). It was 6 months of “test”. Test for myself, how I will be able to live abroad. It was sometimes tough, but overall it only made growing my will to experience the life abroad. I came back to Latviajust for one month, as I got a job in London in a charity and therefore moved to the UK. It was an interesting change, as I had very mixed feelings about London, but in the end I managed to explore and find all the great possibilities that this town brings. Actually it is one of the main reasons of leaving Latvia– I felt that I needed a broader territory for my self-development.

I enjoyed my work in London, but I felt the need for growth, therefore I decided to study for a Masters degree… again, in International Relations, but this time I have chosen a very international course – half in Bath,UK and half in Siena, Italy. Thus, the studies have brought me toItaly and here I am now, just changed the town a bit and at the moment I am living in Rome, not in Siena.

After settling down (in the first 6 months I have changed 5 places in this ancient city), I slowly grew into an international life in Rome and at the moment I feel myself as a part of Rome’s wide international community. I have even decided to organize a course for foreigners “Rome ABC” to make their adjustment process to the hectic life in Rome easier and nicer.

That’s all for now! Thank you for reading and please contact me if you have any questions: newabroad@gmail.com! And as usual, feel free to comment below!


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