Happy Abroad: for everyone who wants to live happily abroad!


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Dear Friend, welcome to Happy Abroad!

This blog is about happy life abroad. “Happy”, not because life abroad is better, air is sweeter and everything is great, but because wherever we are, we should live happily, not for someone else (monther, father, sister, brother, husband, wife…), but for ourselves. Let’s be happy for what we have and let’s continue self-development in order to achieve even bigger results!

When you live abroad, then you have to make a double effort, especially in the beginning, as all “luggage” from the previous years (school friends, favourite hobby, usual supermarket, home food etc) you have to re-create in your new place. The one who lives or used to live abroad will understand me 😉

During the last 10 years, because of studies, work or other reasons I lived in 4 different countries and 8 towns/cities. Every time I moved to a new place, similar issues arose, which I had to solve:

– How to find accommodation
– How to find work
– What to do during the free time, how to find hobby
– How to find new friends and keep in touch with the family and “old” friends
…. it is possible to continue this list… but what kind of problems you had while living abroad? Please leave your comment!

I have often noticed that many of my friends had similar issues and we helped to each other. In the end came up the idea of creation of this blog. It should help us to share experience and make our life abroad happier! So, let’s start! Let’s live abroad happy life and explore together how!



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