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Death. It is one of the ‘taboo’ topics, which usually is being avoided. It is not as sweet and nice as describing best restaurants in the city or talking about children or relationships. Still, death is part of our lives, like a birth. When we born, we can be sure only about one thing – that sooner or later we will die.

Death comes whether we want it or not, whether we are living abroad or in home country. Thus, like for any major event in the life, such as birth, wedding etc., it is good to be prepared, and when you are living abroad there are some “extra” issues to keep in mind.

What is important to understand regarding the death when you are living abroad and in general?


  • Use the moments while you and your beloved ones are alive – we often underestimate the value of life, time together, so think twice when you choose to play computer game instead of spending some quality time with your family and friends. Make that call now, rather than postpone it for later.
  • Be prepared – death can occur at any time, therefore it is better to make some provisions, which will enlighten the sorrow, for example:
    • buy travel/health/life insurance;
    • write a testament: even if you do not have any properties of great value, this could help your family to understand better your last wishes;
    • plan, how will you act in emergency situation, for example, put some money aside to be able to react/travel fast if needed, check whether your work contract or local legislation provides days off in emergency situations – it would help in case if your family member/close friend who lives in other country suddenly dies.

In case if your beloved one died:

  • Spiritual practices can enlighten the sorrow. Try some of them. If you are religious, read what your religion says about the death and life after it.
  • Your life after death of the beloved person continues, make the best of it. Of course there will be tears and sadness, but you should also think of what the deceased person would have wanted for you. Most likely, they would have wanted to see you happy, right? So after a sorrow time you should come back to the normal life, you should enjoy the moments the life gives to you. Keep love in your heart, and positive memories in your mind.
  • Think about what are the positive things you can do in the name of the deceased person.
  • Cultural differences. If you have to attend funeral, be prepared that there could be cultural differences, which important to understand and know, as if you do something wrong, it could hurt feelings of the family of the deceased person. So before going there, check with the friends/colleagues, how funeral is organised, what you supposed and what should not do, how you should be dressed, should you bring flowers or not, if yes, what kind of flowers (in some countries one flower can be used for funeral, whether in other country the same flower can be used for the wedding, so be careful!).
  • Keep in touch with your family/friends, as it is the time when you can support each other the most.

Being prepared for the death does not mean waiting for it to come, it rather means the acceptance that sooner or later it will happen and the provisions which were done will help to get over it.

Remember, the death is not the end in itself. It is part of a natural process. When a person dies, it is up to us to keep him/her living in your hearts. Use the moment you have NOW.