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Expat, Cosmopolitan, International, Globalised – whatever you call it, the meaning always remain the same: a person who is not focused on one country, nation, language, but is open-minded and always ready to get to know different culture, people from other parts of the world.  Here the term “international” will be used, as it has a broader sense.

It does not matter how you have arrived there… whether you came from a multi-cultural family, have lived in several countries while you were a child, or may be you studied or worked abroad, or it could be also that you are working in an international organisation… it makes no difference… the difference is inside you and you know it, you feel it.

You do not have to be an expat to be an international, you could also live in your country of birth and have a single-nation origin, but you will feel different from your schoolmates, colleagues. Well, if you are an international, you know what I mean.

Where is your home? After living/having experience in several countries, it might be difficult to answer to this question. You know very well your country of origin, you might have there your family’s home, but deep inside your heart you actually have doubts where your “home” is – is it where your family is? Is it where you are at the moment? Or is it somewhere in the uncertain future?

You know more than one language and one of your hobbies include travelling and meeting new people. For sure your partner also should be an international, as only international will be able to understand your deepest feelings and emotions, what makes you “tick”. It does not mean that international is better than others. No, we all unique, but internationals can understand each other better, it is like being able to speak the same language, even without words.

International is ready to tell his story again and again – where he is from, what does he do, how he came here… it does not disturb him.  But being international also hurts…. feeling that you belong to the whole world or at least to a continent is great, but at the same time you might feel that you do not belong anywhere – neither to your country of birth/place where you grew up, nor to the place where you live/used to live… It is scary.

Most of your friends are also internationals. You might have some “normal” friends from your childhood, neighbourhood, work etc., they could be even your best friends, but you always will feel that a bit strange look from their side, like you were an unusual species in the zoo.

You are used to have changes in your life and whether you like it or not, you cannot live without them. It could be change of countries, international jobs, projects… You know you are different; sometimes you would like to forget about it, be as others, do as others do, but it won’t last long. You are who you are. Accept it. Your differences are your strengths, not all might like them, but not all like Marmite, right? So be happy being yourself, with yourself and within yourself!