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How to find a hobby when you are living abroad

You have settled down in a new place. Have everyday routine, like work and/or studies and now feel that something is missing. There was something, what brought you fun and joy while living in your home country. What was it? May be it is your hobby?

Question yourself

Think about what you have done during the free time previously? Did you play some sports? Musical instrument? Or you were collecting dried flowers? What made you tick in the past? What are you waiting? Write down the answers now!

Something new?

Or maybe there was always something what you wanted to try, but never had a chance? For example, you lived in a country, which has no sea, but always wanted to try surfing and now, in your new country you have this option. Think about your childhood dreams, may be now is the right time to make them come true! Make a list of possible hobbies, include there your previous ones and possible, dreamed ones.

Where to start?

Now, look at your list and evaluate whether it is possible to do these hobbies here, in your new country. Issues to think about are: do you require any special materials, uniform, objects, other people? I would recommend to start with a hobby, which does not require you to buy many new things, because could happen that in the end you decide to do a completely different hobby in your new country.

Look around

Another step is to look around – ask your colleagues, what do they do in their free time, or may be they could suggest you a place where other people are practising your hobby; check local newspapers, stands, walk in your neighbourhood and see what is going on there, also do not throw away advertisements, which get into your post box – check them first, some of them might contain interesting ideas like yoga classes, cooking courses or local soccer club.


All these tips will not work, unless you know why it is worth to get a hobby in your new place. Think about this: hobby not only enriches your life, but also helps you in meeting new friends and at the same time creates a link between your past, present and future, and may be even help you in earning some extra money. For example, one my friend, who travelled a bit and changed quite a few countries, always brought a tennis racket with her, because she just loved tennis. Definitely this made the process of settling down easier, as hobby allows you to meet more local people, who share similar interests to yours. So just try!

And now, in order not to leave it for later, write down in the comments your possible hobbies in a new place. Share them with the world! May be you will find some new friends who share the same interests? Your ideas could help other people to choose their hobbies!