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What to bring and what to leave behind?

Sometimes this question becomes also “To be or not to be?”.

When you are moving to a new country, especially the one where you have never been before, it is hard to imagine what is there and what there is not. Therefore some preparation could be useful:

What to bring?

  • Ask your friends who have already been there (ideally have been living there for some time), what are they missing from home, what is important to bring. May be it is a special plug to make your electrical appliances work or some particular spices without which you cannot imagine to cook?
  • Check in advance the supermarkets and stores which you will have around and their working hours (once I arrived to my new place on Saturday night and found out that there is no blanket, but on Sunday most of the shops were closed…and it was in January…).
  • Make a list of all items you would like to take and mark them (with markers, for example) in priority order. For example, red – extremely necessary, yellow – should take, green – can take if there is space in luggage. This will also help you to pack.

Probably if you are moving to a city, there is no necessity to bring all your utensils, cosmetic products (like shower gel) – you can easily buy them (and in the end it will be cheaper than paying for the extra weight in your luggage). So evaluate well the situation. My advice, even if you are moving for a long period of time, take with you only the items you really need for the first couple of months. All other things you will be able to bring later or to buy/find/get in a new place. Good luck!