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How to find work abroad?

Work abroad. Where?Actually, it is similar to finding a job in your home country, however there are some nuances which should be taken into account. Before you continue reading the article, please note, that in the end of it you will not find a job vacancy waiting for you, however if you follow all the recommendations listed it can help you in your job searching process quite a lot.

First of all, you have to be clear with yourself:

  • Why do you want to work abroad?
  • To earn money
  • To see the world
  • To get new experience
  • To escape from problems in the home country
  • ….

Understanding your motivation is important, as it helps to prevent possible mistakes. For example, if you are going abroad to escape from certain problems, are you sure that they will not reoccur in the new place? Most likely they will. So it is worth solving them first.

Other important questions to respond are:

  • For how long are you going to work abroad? For 1 month/1 year/ forever?
  • Is there any particular goal to achieve? Do you want to get a degree? Earn certain amount of money? Learn new language? Marry?

Now, when the picture is clearer why you want to work abroad and for how long, you have to do a little research. Thus, things worth checking before leaving/applying/accepting the job:

  • International and local salary in this particular country (please note that for locals and expatriates it can differ).
  • Typical local benefits for this industry, for example inItaly lunch coupons are common. Other options could be: a particular pension scheme, gym pass etc.
  • What is standard CV for this country, what should and should not be included. For instance, in some countries CV without a photo will not be considered at all, whereas in others it could be eliminated just because there is a photo.

To be continued…